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Aegeas Shipping Company  - Λαύριο -Ρυμουλκά
Aegeas Shipping Company  - Λαύριο -Ρυμουλκά

With a station in Laurion, Attica, we are able to respond quickly to any emergency. Experienced seafarers crew suitably trained for alert work. Group of bugs responsible for the handling and mooring of boats.
Our office operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring efficient port operations. We are ready to handle any salvage request with a direct response guarantee. Our priority is to save lives and property and to protect the marine environment.

Aegeas Shipping Company  - Λαύριο -Ρυμουλκά
Aegeas Shipping Company  - Λαύριο -Ρυμουλκά  SEA SOS

“Our assistance is just a phone call away!”
Emergency telephone (only) 24 hours a day 
 at +306932 900 300
Information - Customer Service : 210 92 11 545
To leave the worries on the land and sail safely

Aegeas Shipping Company  - Λαύριο -Ρυμουλκά
«Our experience, our technical infrastructure,
our technological equipment
and manning our missions with professionals,
  confirm successful completion
every project we undertake.»

Within the commercial Port
 of Lavrio PoBox. 5706,
 Postal code. 19500
 Lavrio Attika Greece 


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T: +3022920 22500
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